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Thursday 1 November 2012

Bulletin: How to receive older (unreleased) POs

In mid-October 2012, we introduced changes to the purchasing system to eliminate the "Release" step on purchasing.  We did this because - while it was an important step in the purchasing process - most users weren't doing it. They didn't understand what it was for.  It just wasn't intuitive.

Instead - we developed a slick new process flow (basically we rearranged a bunch of buttons, and eliminated other buttons).  The new process flow handles the "PO Release" automatically when a PO is sent to your supplier.

Here's the problem:  You can't receive a PO unless it has been released.  So if you have older purchase orders that were not released when we introduced the new setup, there's no obvious way to unlock the release button.

Here's the workaround: Just click the Send PO button.  You can send it to yourself since the supplier already has a copy.  This will release the order and enable the Receive button

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