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Monday 7 May 2012

Sales - Creating/Editing

A sale and a quote are the same type of record in OfficeBooks.  A quote you develop for a customer is a potential sale that can be converted to an actual sale with a quick mouse click.
To create a new quote or sale your customer should already be added as a contact. Ensure you select ‘customer’ as a contact type. You also need to add your products as items.

Create a Quote or Sale


Click on Sales from the main toolbar to display the Sales list.
 Click New Sale to display the Sales form.
Select your customer's name from the bill-to and ship-to lists. Clicking Use Bill to will use the same customer address for billing and shipping. These addresses are required before you can save a Sales order. After a customer is selected, OfficeBooks fills in the addresses, credit limit and currency from your Contact record.
ü      If applicable, enter the customer's purchase order number, the terms of sale (INCO terms), and payment terms.
ü      Click Save to start adding parts to this sale.
ü      In the lower section of the form, click New Item.  This pops up the Select Item form containing a list of items you sell. 
ü      Select the appropriate item from the list by clicking anywhere on the item row.
ü      The form closes automatically and adds a new record to the sale. 
ü      Initial values include the item number, order quantity of 1, item description and price; these fields can be edited as required. 
ü      Enter the lead time if desired.
ü      Click the Calendar icon to select a commit date if desired.
ü      Select the applicable tax from the tax list.
ü       Click the checkmark to save this item to the sales form.  To cancel this item, click the X.
ü      Repeat the item selection steps to add more items to your sale.
ü      Click Update to ensure all your changes have been saved.

Now you can perform the following:
·         Sales Quote: When you have finished adding items to your sale, you can click Quote to indicate that this is a Sales quote.  To generate a PDF quote document to send to your customer, click PDF Quote.
·         Release a Sale: If you have an order from your customer, click on Release.  This makes the sale "real" and will trigger any necessary activity through the dashboard alerts for shipping, purchasing, and manufacturing.  You can also acknowledge a sale to release it.
·         Acknowledge a Sale: Acknowledging the sale gives your customer a chance to correct any errors. To generate an Order Acknowledgment PDF file to send to your customer, click PDF Acknowledge.

Edit a Quote or Sale


ü      Click on Sales from the main toolbar to display the Sales list.
ü      Click on the Sale # to edit the selected Sales order.

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