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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Using Product Packages

Product Packages are ways to group products for quick entry onto sales.

To create a new Product Package:

  • Go to the Sales screen and click the Product Packages link in the top-left corner of your sales list.
  • Click New Package
  • Add a short description for your Package (e.g. Spring Cleaning Kit)
  • Click the New Item link to select a product to add to your package
  • Set the quantity per package for that product and the unit pricing
  • Click the green checkmark to save that line.
  • Repeat the item selection process until your package is complete.
  • Click the Save button to complete the operation (good job!)

Packages will appear with a small parcel icon beside them on the item selector in sales.  Simply select the package, set the quantity and applicable sales taxes, then click the green checkmark to save.  Items in the package will be added as items on the sale.

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