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Thursday 27 October 2011


We've tried to make receiving and a purchase order as painless as possible.  When you receive goods against a PO, OfficeBooks assumes you are receiving 100% of the items ordered.   If you are only receiving some of the goods, you simply edit the receiving record to reflect the actual receipt details by changing the received quantities, or deleting lines.

To receive goods against an purchase order:

  1. Select the associated purchase order from the Purchasing grid
  2. Click the Receive this Purchase button
  3. On the Receipt Details screen, use the pencil icon(s) to adjust the received quantities.
  4. If applicable, record the freight tracking details
  5. Click the Update button to save your work.

Receiving additional shipments against a partially received PO is simply a matter of following the same steps.  The system assumes you are receiving the balance of goods owing against the order.  You can receive goods against an order until the order has been completely fulfilled.