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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Work Centers and Tools

What are Work Centers?

Conceptually, Work Centers are possible steps in your manufacturing process.  Typically work centers are defined as specific machines, or processes.  In the image above, you see an example of a typical set of Work Centers.  Work Centers are the basic building blocks for workflows.

In the work center definition, you can set the number of hours the work center is available per day.  This information will be used by the production scheduling component of OfficeBooks (which will be available in a later release).

Tools can be assigned to steps in a workflow.  By identifying all your tools and assigning them to steps in  workflows, you can reduce the set-up time at workstations and increase your manufacturing efficiency.  Defining tools is optional.  If it overcomplicates things for you, skip it!  You can always define them later (or never, it's up to you).