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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Groups and Tags

Tags are a flexible system OfficeBooks offers to linking records, or putting records into categories.

They're pretty simple to use.  Just look for the Tag icon on any record (near the top of the screen), and click it.  A tag field will be displayed.  Type a word and it becomes a tag (no spaces allowed).  OfficeBooks will suggest tags as you type so you can easily select existing tags.

The Group Explorer page allows you to view all records that share a tag (or set of tags).  This is useful if you want to track all records that relate to a specific project.

All the tags you have applied to records within your OfficeBooks account are displayed on the left of the screen.  When you select a flag, the section to the right will refresh to display all records that are tagged with that keyword.

The Group Explorer filters records to show records that match ALL tags selected.  So a record that was tagged with "ProjectX" would not appear if you filter results for "ProjectX" and "ProjectY".

The list screens for each record category (items, contacts, POs, sales, etc) allow you to search by tag as well - and you can then use the Export option to output a spreadsheet with the filtered data.

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