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Wednesday 28 May 2014

QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration

OfficeBooks allows you to push new accounts receivable (invoice) records to your QBO account.

To connect your QBO account to your OfficeBooks account, go to Finance, then QuickBooks, and click the QuickBooks icon on that page.  Once the accounts are connected, a small Intuit box will be displayed in the top right of your screen.  This allows you to quickly switch between your QBO and OfficeBooks accounts.

In the normal course of doing business with OfficeBooks, you will generate invoices.  These will be queued up under Finance->QuickBooks for your review.  At some point (day's end is good), simply go to that page, and click the button to push this data to your QBO account.

Some important notes

  • Sales taxes should be set up in OfficeBooks to match your sales taxes in QBO.
  • OfficeBooks supports multiple currencies.  If a currency doesn't exist in your QBO setup when an invoice is transferred, the QBO invoice will be saved in your main currency.
  • If there are issues with the data transfer (duplicate records is the most common), the OfficeBooks interface will display a message with the details provided by QBO about the issue.  You can use this information to address the issue yourself, or share it with so we can see what we can do about helping you.

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