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Thursday 27 October 2011

Settings - User Management

User Management is accessed from the Settings form. 

Click Settings to display the form then click Add/Remove users and roles to display the Manage Users list.

Adding Users

  • Click Add/Invite User to display the Add/Invite Users form. This form contains instructions on how to invite another person to participate in your OfficeBooks account.
  • Pay close attention to the Role field as this determines the level of access an individual has to your business data.
  • When you click Send Invitation an email invitation with a link to OfficeBooks is sent to the specified email address. This link contains a unique invitation code.  The invitation also contains instructions on how to join your OfficeBooks account.
  • By default, a copy of the invitation is sent to the email account you used to register with OfficeBooks.

Note: If you want to allow a user to release Purchase orders, you must set their approval limit by editing the user profile after the user has been invited.

Edit and Delete User Profiles

Click Edit/Delete in the first column of the Manage Users list to display the Role Editor form. This form allows you to:
  • Change the role (access level) for the selected user.
  • Set a Purchase order approval limit for the selected user.  The approval limit authorizes users to approve a Purchase order up to the currency amount you enter here.  The default approval limit is zero. Users with an approval limit of zero will not be able to approve any Purchase orders.
  • Remove users from your account by clicking Delete on the form.

OfficeBooks User Roles
  • Role 1:  Read only access.  No access to financial details.
  • Role 2:  Can create or edit records.  No access to financial details.
  • Role 3:  Read only access.  Can access financial details.
  • Role 4:  Full access to all records, including data export.
  • Role 5:  Full access to all records, including data export.  User management rights.  (Business owner)