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Friday, 20 April 2012

Product Packages

One of our early observations during beta testing was that users were trying to bundle products using bills of material.

The concept is straightforward, but BOMs (bills of material) need to be cycled through a work order to complete the associated inventory transactions.

So, we've introduced a Product Package feature.

The approach will be somewhat similar to BOMs.  You can create a new package, and build a list of products in that package, specifying quantities and pricing that will be unique to the bundle.  In this way, you can sell product X by itself at $10, and at $8.50 when it is sold as part of a bundle.

Let's look at an example.
A Tree Trimming Kit Product package
Let's say you sell equipment and supplies to the landscaping industry.  You have a standard set of products you sell for small tree trimming operations.  It consists of 6 different products - everything from saws to first aid kits.    Creating a sale record for this group of products would require you to cycle through the item selector 6 times.  But if you set up the kit as a standard Product Package, you only need to select the package from the item selector.  What a time saver!

You can spot the Product Package in the Item Selector thanks to the little icon.

More detailed "how to" on Product Packages

Leave a comment if you have thoughts on how this could be optimized for your business.

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